Tall Ship Festival

View of several Tall Ships

Formerly known as the Charleston Harbor Fest.  These reviews are from May 2007.  The Tall Ship Festival has only just returned in early 2017.

Onboard a Tall Ship


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Charles' Review

It was only by chance that our May 2007 trip took place during The Charleston Haborfest. The ticket price was either $10 or $15 and it was completely worth it. 

It was amazing to walk onboard the 5 large sailing ships. I have never experienced anything like it. The ships were beautiful, the crews were completely professional and willing to talk to visitors. 

It was an experience I will never forget and I highly encourage a visit to Charleston during this festival!

Steven's Review

This was really a wonderful surprise! I had never been onboard a sailing vessel before, and these ships ranged from small vessels to large multilevel ships. When we last attended in May 2007, there were ships from Canada, the U.K., Colombia, India, the Carribean, and from all over the Eastern seaboard. 

The crew of these ships provided tours, and really made visitors feel welcome. Some of the ships can get very packed, and it can be difficult to move about or even get on some vessels.

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