Sullivan's Island

The community of Sullivan's Island is rich in history. The island was originally home to two cities, one where the present central commercial area is, and another to the south near Fort Moultrie. Sullivan's Island has a real small town feel, and you can find some real gems to explore along the island. Fort Moultrie is a great place to explore. You'll feel like you've gone back in time. Edgar Allen Poe spent some years at Fort Moultrie, and you'll find he has influenced many things on the island, from streets named after him, to the themed restaurant Poe's Tavern. Sullivan's Island is mostly residential and features some prime real estate, especially along the oceanfront...

Homes along the beach

A walk down tree-draped Ion Avenue takes you past some gorgeous porch-wrapped homes , and you'll run across some old buildings that might look like long-abandoned dwellings, but are actually WWII military bunkers. These would be remarkably interesting to explore if opened to the public!


Charleston Lighthouse

Middle St Sullivan's Island SC 29482
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Charles' Review

Four areas of Sullivan's Island have recently been added to the National Register of History Places. These areas are the Sullivan's Island Historic District, Fort Moultrie Quartermaster and Support Facilities Historic District, the Moultrieville Historic District and the Atlanticville Historic District. The Charleston Post and Courier article can be read here.

Steven's Review

The island is one of my favorite things about a trip to Charleston. I love the quiet beach, and the beautiful homes. Fort Moultrie is also a great attraction. The deck uptop the Visitor's center provides some great views over the island. I recommend Sullivan's restaurant for a great meal. Generous portions and wholesome vegetables. Great views of Charleston Harbor and Ravenal Bridge from the southern tip of the island. 

View of the Ravenel Bridge

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