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RB's Seafood is located on Shem Creek The RB's Seafood owner also owned The Trawler, which used to be located next door. We loved The Trawler.

97 Church St Mount Pleasant SC 29464
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Charles' Review

August 2017

We will be returning during the solar eclipse trip!

January 2010 

We always seem to make our way back to one or more restaurants on Shem Creek. We started at RBs this go round. We were seated relatively quickly and near the window along the creek. I always feel the need to get oysters at least once during a trip, so I went with the fried oyster platter. They cooked just right. I also usually feed the need for a fully loaded baked potato and it was great too. I still don't think I care for the cole slaw very much though, but the hush puppies are always tasty. As usual, I feel I have to admit that I still miss The Trawler a great deal! We usually spend a little time on the docks after the meal and even in the cool January weather, we still made it outside to listen to the evening sounds of Shem Creek. It's such a great place to eat outside during the Summer. 

May 2008 

We ate supper at RB's in Mount Pleasant on Shem Creek. We last ate here about 4 years ago. We started with crab stuffed mushrooms that were very good. There was a layer of cheese and they were nicely stuffed. I wanted to get a pick two of fried oysters and broiled scallops, but was told both items had to be prepared the same way. That was a big disappointment, so I settled for the fried oyster platter, baked potato, and green beans. The oysters were slightly overcooked, but still good. We both agree that the view, as you can see from our photos, is out of this world. I think this visit had the nicest sunset on Shem Creek that we've ever seen. I spoke a couple other patrons who were photographing the unset. We agreed that we remembered that The Trawler had much better food. Shem Creek is our favorite setting to eat outside. You honestly can't beat it.

Steven's Review

It has been a number of years since we visited RB's. The things I do remember: a long line to get in, a wonderful nautical atmosphere, great deck with a view of Shem Creek, good fried seafood. 

May 2008 

We were seated on the upstairs deck overlooking Shem Creek, where we were treated to a nice view of the sunset. We sat in a swinging table. Our appetizer was crab-stuffed mushrooms, which were large and plump, with plenty of juicy crabmeat filling. They were broiled nicely with a layer of cheese on top. The sauce they were served in was also good. For my entree, I selected the fried flounder, with grits and Charleston red rice and beans. The fish was nicely fried, although it lacked the flavor found in the fried flounder that I have at the Chraleston Crab House. The sides were good. The grits were nice and cheesy. Overall, tasty, but you can get better fried fish elsewhere. The real thing that keeps me coming back to RB's is the atmosphere. It has a true nautical decor, with rich hard woods and lots of navigation equipment. If you can get a seat out on the deck, it's worth a wait. At sunest, the views over Shem Creek are among the best in the region. At other times, it's fun just to relax while you eat and watch the boat traffic along the creek.

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