Patriot's Point

Patriot's Point information needs to be revised.  Forthcoming!

There is a parking fee now.

$14-$22; Active Duty:Free
W Coleman Blvd and Patriots Point Rd; Mount Pleasant SC
Type of Attraction
Area Location
Charles' Review

This is a bargain. You'll spend at least 4 hours exploring the Yorktown and other vessels.

The flight ready room, the bridge and the flight deck are amazing.

Steven's Review

I really enjoyed exploring the Yorktown; it is probably my favorite museum attraction. It made me want to pull out the old B&W WWII films. Nostalgia runs high here. Walking through the galleries onboard the Yorktown, as well as the Clamagore, is like being right back in the 40s during WWII (not that I was ever there of course.) The exhibits have really been presented with care, providing details such as period music and newspapers. I could spend all day exploring the details of every inch of the vessels in the Patriots Point fleet.

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