The Old City Market

August 2017

The Old Market received major renovations several years ago, with a section now featuring air conditioning, public restrooms, Historic Charleston Store and more.

May 2007

The Market is a complex of private and commercial vendors located along Market Street in the Historic District. It was the commercial hub of the city throughout much of the nineteenth century, featuring a meat market, fish market and fresh produce vendors. The complex consists of a main Greek-revival style Market Hall with enclosed arcade gallery on the lower level. There is a second enclosed arcade building behind it, as well as a line of semi-enclosed covered arcade structures located along the median between North and South Market Street extending beyond Market Hall. The sides of North and South Market Street facing the market stalls are crowded with gift shops, specialty stores, tourist traps, vendors, as well as a variety of restaurants, both good and bad. There is a Confederate Museum located on the upper level of Market Hall operated by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Meeting St & N Market St Charleston, SC 29401
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Charles' Review

The market is an odd experience to me. It's a long collection of table vendors selling a variety of things I probably wouldn't buy. There are a few little shops I like, including one that sells a large variety of hot sauces. There are always several sweet grass basket weavers in this area too.

Steven's Review

The Market reminds me of the flea markets that I went to with my parents when I was a kid.... Lots of wares displayed by vendors on wide tall tables, and a whole lot of people milling about as they look at what's on offer. It's a neat place to explore for knick-knacks and locally-made goods. This is a crowded, highly congested area!!

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