Marion Square

This is a large public park bordered by Meeting Street, King Street, and Calhoun Street. It is located just to the North of the King Street shopping corridor. A farmer's market is held in the park on Saturday mornings. Marion Square is also a popular venue for artist markets. Christmastime finds the square filled with a large central tree of lights and many light displays throughout the park.

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Calhoun St and Meeting St; Charleston SC 29401
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Charles' Review

January 2010 

Marion Square is a great place to walk through in the evenings around Christmas. Palmetto trees are lined with lights and a huge cone 

Christmas in Marion Square
Christmas in Marion Square
Christmas in Marion Square
Christmas in Marion Square


Steven's Review

I think it's a fun place to visit. The farmer's markets and artist's markets are great places to explore to find products and creative works of art from local people. The Christmas light display features a huge tree of lights that is constructed in the center of the park. You can walk inside, but be prepared because looking up in the center of the light display is pretty disorienting, but fun.

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