H. L. Hunley

Visit the Hunley exhibit in the old Charleston Naval Yard in North Charleston in order to learn about the recovery and preservation efforts of the first sub to sink a warship. The last time we visited the Hunley, it was enclosed in a water tank, which was being utilized to draw out some of the salt from the hull in order to prevent further degradation. Some very interesting displays of pieces and artifacts recovered from within the Hunley are among the exhibits. 

There is a full-size replica in the gift area that visitors can crawl inside of to get an idea of how the seamen would have operated the sub. 

Follow directions on the Friends of the Hunley Website. 

Supply St and Pierside St Charleston SC 29405
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Charles' Review

This is an excellent opportunity to see a piece of history.


Steven's Review

It's hard to find this place if you do not know exactly where you are going. It is not very clearly marked, and even when you get there, it's difficult to tell where you enter. But if you follow the website directions, you should be ok. 

The large number of items recovered from the wreckage, and the extent to which they were preserved while underwater, is amazing to see. 

Extensive gift shop.  The volunteers who work the exhibit are very friendly, and really gung-ho about their efforts.

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