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The Gateway Walk is a continuous stretch of pleasant, hidden garden paths that winds its way through the heart of the peninsula. Beginning in the graveyard of the St. Philip's Episcopal Church, the Walk winds its way through various alleys, terminating in the picturesque setting of the Unitarian Church graveyard. Along the paths, you will find a lot of greenery and flowers in bloom during any season.

The Walk leads to some very secluded areas, including a lovely pavilion area behind the Gibbes Museum. It's a great area to sneak away to for a quiet moment to relax or even have a snack and read.

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Charles' Review

I like to walk in Charleston, especially along areas that aren't very crowded. The Gateway Walk gives me a quiet place to explore.

Steven's Review

We stumbled across the Gateway Walk completely by accident one year as we were walking down King Street. We saw an inviting gate, with a secluded, shaded passage leading down to a really lush, verdant cemetery, filled with wild and sunflowers. There is actually a plaque, and we decided to cross King Street and explore the rest of the walk.

Be aware that some of the buildings located along the Walk close their gates sometimes, blocking access to parts of the path.

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