Fort Moultrie

Located on Sullivan's Island, Fort Moultrie is the oldest existing fortification on Charleston Harbor. It was commissioned before the Revolutionary War, during which the fort was constructed simply of palmetto logs. Fort Moultrie has undergone many reconstructions and served the Charleston area until after WWII. Today, you can tour the Fort, which has been reconstructed in many areas to reflect what it would have been like during various periods in its history. The Visitor's Center is located directly across the street, and offers some nice exhibitions. It also has an excellent rooftop deck offering great views over the fort and the surrounding area.

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Charles' Review

I've decided that I like Fort Moultrie more than Fort Sumter. I think that's because there is more to explore on Fort Moultrie. There is also no time limit at Fort Moultrie, whereas with Fort Sumter your time is dependent on the boat schedule. 

May 2008 
We decided to walk through Fort Moultie during our trip. We sat through the introduction video for the first time. It was extremely cheesy and definitely dated and had low production values. It was difficult not to laugh at it. Fort Moultrie is still a bargain and well worth seeing the layers of history presented in the fort.

Steven's Review

Fort Moultrie is one of my favorite places to visit in Charleston. I consider it to be one of the jewels among area attractions. 

I found that the display and recreations in the World War II section of the fort reminded me of the displays in the USS Yorktown, which is to say they were very nice.

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