Bulldog Haunted Jailhouse Tour

The Haunted Jailhouse Tour is another of the themed night walking tours operated by the Bulldog Walking Tours Company. After purchasing your tickets and checking in at the Market Street office of Bulldog Tours, you can make the brief walk (roughly six blocks) to the Old Jailhouse, which stands at the corner of Magazine and Franklin Streets. The tour will take you through the interior of the old Charleston jail, constructed at the beginning of the nineteenth century, where you can see what conditions would have been like for those incarcerated here during the jail's one and a quarter century of service.

18 Anson Street, Charleston, SC 29401
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Charles' Review

I really enjoyed this tour on Halloween night. The tour guide was dressed in a dark cloak and really put on a show that unnerved a few of the other people on the tour. I won't go into specifics, so as not to spoil your experience. I do wish this tour had gone into more areas, but the building is continually undergoing stabilization. Other floors may not be secure enough to walk around.

Steven's Review

Touring the jail was creepy, and it really does leave you with an eerie, uneasy feeling. The tour is at night, so the structure is sufficiently dark and ghostly. Your guide will regale you with stories of the brutal murderers and other prisoners held here, stories about the history of the structure itself, and stories about the unexplained incidents that continue to occur at this site to this very day. Be sure to take a camera, because you are encouraged by the guide to take photos, as you just might catch the reflection of a lingering spirit on film. Also, if you get chilled easily, be sure to take a jacket, even in the summer, because the temperatures are quite cool inside the old stone building.

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