Bulldog Ghost and Dungeons Tour

The Ghosts and Dungeon Tour is one of a few different themed night walking tours operated by the Bulldog Walking Tours Company. The Ghosts and Dungeon Tour highlights stories from throughout the historic district of ghosts and haunted houses. This particular tour is the only one in the city that offers after-hours access to the dungeon of the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon.

18 Anson Street, Charleston, SC 29401
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Charles' Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ghost Walking tour we went on. We had to postpone our first day choice, because of the hurricane that didn't actually make it onto shore. Bulldog was very accommodating and scheduled our too for the following day. I think the Ghost Walking Tour added a new spin on the city. Our tour guide filled us in on various suicides and accidents that have happened over the centuries. He was entertaining and very personable. You probably won't view the city exactly the same afterwards. It's a great way to hear unusual stories and bits of history in an extremely entertaining way at night.

Steven's Review

The tour was different, but I was not as impressed as Chuck. I know that this is not an adults-only tour, unlike others offered, so I didn't really expect a whole lot from it. The tour really focused on the children, which I should have expected, but was still a bit of a disappointment. Still, the tour guide did have some entertaining stories about the Southend Brewery, Poogan's Porch, among other haunted attractions. The Dungeon of the Old Exchange was fun to see.

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