Boone Hall Plantation

It must be noted that,unlike other plantations, Boone Hall Plantation is a working plantation. Produce can be purchased nearby at the Boone Hall Farms Market. We should feel extremely lucky to have Boone Hall. Unlike other plantation owners over the decades, the former and current owners of Boone Hall have held property together. The property offers a small gift and snack shop. You can also take part in an interactive introduction to Gullah, the language of the local and descendants to the original African slave.


 The most striking feature of Boone Hall is the mail entrance to the property. The main road is lined by great oak tress that drape across and meet above the road. You might recognize these features in movies such as The Patriot and The Notebook. The next feature is a tremendous opportunity to learn a great deal about the darkest aspect of plantation life: slavery. The slave cabins have all been careful restored. Each offers a different aspect to the lives of the slaves and include recordings that you can listen to. There are also basket weavers who sell traditional sweet grass baskets. During Christmas time, including our most recent visit, the home is in full Christmas decoration mode. A different themed tree fills each room, while the main entrance and windows are covered in greenery and fruit arrangement.

1235 Long Point Rd; Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464
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Charles' Review

May 2010

We decided to visit Boone Hall Plantation during our New Years Eve 2010 trip and what a nice visit that was! We felt extremely lucky that January 1st was the last day that the Christmas decorations were going to be up. It was a cool, drizzly day. We were greeted by the ornately decorated door front door of the house. Lemons, oranges, pineapples, and greenery were woven into a wonderful pattern. Each room was decorated with fresh greenery and two differently themed Christmas trees. I recall that the two trees that struck me the most was one decorated entirely with tiny sweet grass ornaments, while another prominently display cotton based ornament.

As I mentioned earlier, it was very cool and damp during our visit. We were forced to somewhat rush through several of the slave cabins, but were able to listen to a number of the educational recordings. We also were unable to take the included tour bus trip across the plantation. It's a shame, because that also included a view of the plantation fields. We intend to return to Boone Hall Plantation when the weather is much nicer! I whole heartily recommend a trip to the Boone Hall Farms Market afterward. We grabbed a nice, quick lunch after our Plantation visit. I had nice BLT, but the homemade dill pickles were out of this world! We also picked up a few locally produced vegetables that we ate after our return home. We already love broccoli, but I honestly cannot describe how wonderful their broccoli was.

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