Boone Hall Farms Market

Boone Hall Markets offers locally grown South Carolina products, including produce and meats. Mount Pleasant Seafood is also located on the property.

2521 Hwy 17 N; Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
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Charles' Review

January 2010 
After finally touring Boone Hall Plantation, we wanted something lite, but we also wanted to pick up some locale produce. I had a craving for a BLT. It came with potato salad and homemade dilled pickles. The BLT was pretty good, but the potato salad and homemade pickles were out of this world. I sincerely regret not buying a container of the pickles. I did purchase a prepackaged collection of local stir fry vegetables and broccoli. Those vegetables were some of the very best I have ever eaten. It's effectively made up start buying only organic broccoli.

Previous Trip Notes 
We stopped in on the way to scout out Boone Hall Plantation and Jack's Cosmic Dogs. The best thing about the Boone Hall Farms Market is that they feature locally produced goods that help support the local economy. We picked up a couple of specialty items that turned out to be pretty good (a garlic seasoning and a cilantro salsa.)

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