Parking Information

Parking in Charleston can be found 4 different ways...

  • Parking Decks are scattered about the city.  These have hourly rates and are much easier to find than street parking.
  • Non-metered Street parking. This is very rare and generally only around White Point Garden and The Battery at the tip of the Charleston peninsula.
  • Metered Street Parking.  It is important to note that parking is regulated fairly heavily.  Watch closely where and how you park to avoid tickets!
    • 30 minute to 1 hour parking.  These areas are generally notated with a red band around the parking meter.
    • Residential Parking Permitted areas.  The vast majority of Residential Parking areas, typically marked with rectangular signs and green lettering.  They typically allow for parking up to 2 hours.
  • Parking lots. These lots are scattered about the city. Some lots have attendants, some have parking meters and some restrict access for monthly rental.

The City of Charleston has a great parking deck resource page, along with an interactive map through

My list primarily focuses on multi-floor parking decks and garages.  Each link will display a map with the surrounding businesses and restaurants.  

The next phase will incorporate lists of attractions that are closest to each parking structure.


34 Saint Philip Street Parking Deck

69 Wentworth Parking Deck

Charleston Place 85 Hasell Street Parking deck

Cumberland - Concord

Gallard 32 Alexander Street Parking Deck

Magestic 211 King Street Parking Deck

Marion Square Parking Garage

Prioleau Street Parking Garage

Queen - King Parking Garage

SC Aquarium Garage

Visitor's Center Parking Garage

Wentworth Parking Deck

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