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Welcome to the relaunch for ExploreCharleston.net!   Times have changed and so must we!

Explore Charleston is now running on a modern website!  It's mobile friendly and fast!

Please bear with us as we slowly bring all of the content up to current -it's going to take a while to update all ~100 attractions! I have added roughly 18 new attractions that currently have very little information.  I plan to begin working on these after our Charleston Solar Eclipse trip.

Too many hobbies and not enough time!

I admit at this point that my goals may have been a little overly ambitious.   I have't been able to add the content that I have planned out since September 2017.

We do however have a 3 day trip to Charleston coming up in about a week and a half.   I hope to update the attractions we visited and outline what we did over the trip when we return.

Thank you for stopping by!

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